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Historical Deception

The Untold Story of Ancient Egypt

Second Edition
Historical Deception: The Untold Story of Ancient Egypt, by Moustafa Gadalla
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by Moustafa Gadalla
352 pages, paperback, 5.5" x 8.5"
ISBN-13: 978-0-9652509-2-4
ISBN-10: 0-9652509-2-X
e-Book ISBN-13: 978-1-931446-09-9
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Publisher: Tehuti Research Foundation

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This book provides a fresh, exciting, and reader-friendly study of the Ancient Egyptian history, which has suffered and continues to suffer from ingrained prejudices. The book, therefore, brings to light:

A. Historical events that have been ignored by many Egyptologists because of the risk of contradicting popular religions. Scholars have been unsuccessfully looking for historical evidence to support the biblical accounts of events and their major characters. This book provides the evidence that these scholars continue to search in the wrong country and the wrong eras. The facts presented in this book are simple, straightforward and stunning, showing that the major characters in the Bible were actually Egyptian Pharaohs, and not the enemies of Egypt.

B. The advanced level of the Ancient Egyptian civilization, such as:

Table of Contents

Table of Contents 5
Foreword to the Second Edition 11
Preface 12
Map 15

I - General Backgrounds
1 The Land and People 19
2 Languages, Now and Then (Hieroglyphs) 23

II - Theological Beliefs
3 The Egyptian Religion 33
4 Neteru (gods, goddesses), The Angels of God 43
5 Ra (Re) - You Light Up My Life 45
6 Amen/Amon/Amun - The Hidden One 47
7 Khnum - The Molder 51
8 Ausar(Osiris) - The Holy Spirit 53
9 Auset(Isis) - The Virgin Mother 59
10 Heru(Horus) - The Highest 63
11 Set (Seth, Typhon) - The Power of Opposition 65

III - The Pharaohs and Their Buildings
12 The Pharaoh, The Master Servant 71
13 The First Pharaoh of Egypt 81
14 Numbers are Not Just Numbers
(Numerology, Number Mysticism)
15 Temples 89
16 Monument Appropriation 95
17 Tombs 99
18 The Mystery of the Pyramids 107
19 The Sphinx - Older Than History 121

IV - Ancient Egypt and the Bible
20 The History of the Bible 131
21 Abraham and Sarah 143
22 Tuthomis III, The Warrior King 147
23 Old Jerusalem, City of Peace 159
24 Joseph and the Beginning of the Sojourn 165
25 Amenhotep (Amenophis) III, Man of Peace 175
26 Akhenaton and Moses 187
27 Twt Ankh Amen (Tutankhamon, Tutankhamun), The Redeemer 205
28 Easter and Ancient Egypt 227
29 The Exodus, The Bitter Divorce 229
30 Ancient Egypt and Biblical Similarities 239
31 The Israel Stela 243

V - The Daily Life
32 Justice System, the Search for the Truth 247
33 Women 251
34 Love, Egyptian Style 257
35 Music and Entertainment 261
36 Literature in Ancient Egypt 267
37 Architecture 273
38 Life in Masonry Buildings 279
39 The Mastery of Columns 283
40 The Egyptian Calendar 287
41 The High Seas (International Trade) 291
42 The Science of Magic 297
43 Health and Medicine 299
44 Science and Technology 311
45 Metal and Industry 325
46 Art 333

Selected Bibliography 341
Index 343
Ordering Information 352

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Publisher: Tehuti Research Foundation

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