Electronic Articles

Electronic Articles

These articles are excerpts/chapters from our books. (Price Range: $1-$2 each)

Title Format
Animal Symbolism – FREE to download NOW PDF, MS-Word, MS-Reader
Standards and Terminology – FREE to download NOW PDF, MS-Word
General Information  
A01. Demographic Information and Short Chronology of Egyptian History PDF, MS-Word
A02. Kush “Nubia”. The Egyptian Frontier PDF, MS-Word
A03. Egypt History Under Islam (Since 640 CE) PDF, MS-Word
A04. Hatshepsut and Tuthomosis III PDF, MS-Word
The Pyramids  
B01. Locations, Dimensions, Profiles of the 10 Stone Pyramids PDF, MS-Word
B02. The Sacred Geometry of the Great Pyramid PDF, MS-Word
B03. Pyramid Power PDF, MS-Word
The Daily Life  
C01. The Pharaoh’s Role PDF, MS-Word
C02. Social and Political Structures PDF, MS-Word
C03. Division of Labor PDF, MS-Word
C04. Women in Ancient Egypt PDF, MS-Word
C05. Love, Egyptian Style PDF, MS-Word
C06. The Story of Isis and Osiris PDF, MS-Word
C07. Music and Entertainment PDF, MS-Word
C08. Health and Medicine PDF, MS-Word
C09. Science and Technology PDF, MS-Word
C10. Metal and Industry PDF, MS-Word
C11. The Justice System, The Search for the Truth PDF, MS-Word
Egyptian Divinities  
D01. The Divine Realms of the Universe PDF, MS-Word
D02. The Pre-Dawn Neteru (gods/goddesses) PDF, MS-Word
D03. The Conceptual Neteru (gods/goddesses) PDF, MS-Word
D04. The Neteru (gods/goddesses) of the Grand Ennead PDF, MS-Word
D05. The Neteru (gods/goddesses) of the Production Stage PDF, MS-Word
D06. Heru (Horus) and Het-Heru (Hathor), Our Model PDF, MS-Word
D07. The Neteru (gods/goddesses) of the Growth and Prosperity Stage PDF, MS-Word
D08. The Neteru (gods/goddesses) of the Regeneration Stage PDF, MS-Word
Ancient Egypt and the Bible  
E01. The History of the Bible PDF, MS-Word
E02. Abraham and Sarah PDF, MS-Word
E03. Twt Homosis III and David PDF, MS-Word
E04. Amenhotep III and Solomon PDF, MS-Word
E05. Akhenaton and Moses PDF, MS-Word
E06. Twt Ankh Amen and Jesus PDF, MS-Word
E07. The Exodus PDF, MS-Word

Books by Moustafa Gadalla [available in paperback and/or electronic book (PDF) formats]:

The Ancient Egyptian Culture Revealed
The Ancient Egyptian Roots of Christianity
Egyptian Divinities The All Who Are THE ONE
Egyptian Cosmology The Animated Universe
Egyptian Mystics Seekers of the Way
Egyptian Rhythm The Heavenly Melodies
Egyptian Harmony The Visual Music
Egyptian Romany The Essence of Hispania
Pyramid Handbook
Tut-Ankh-Amen The Living Image of the Lord
Exiled Egyptians The Heart of Africa
Egypt A Practical Guide
Sacred Geometry and Numerology Tutorial
Egyptian Musical Instruments
The Twilight of Egypt (eBook Only)
Historical Deception The Untold Story of Ancient Egypt (Out-of-Print)
The Egyptian Alphabet of Creation [Pending]
Egyptian Architecture [Pending]
Duperie Historique La V������©rit������© Dissimul������©e sur l'Ancienne ����¯�¿�½gypte
Der Betrug mit der Geschichte Die unver������¶ffentlichte Geschichte des Alten ����¯�¿�½gypten
Divinidades Egipcias Todos son el ����¯�¿�½nico

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